Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Long period of time

Hi everyone, i think it's too long without news, entry, posting art, criticism, comment, digital art, painting..colour and all those thing. It seem to weird for me posting a text message without picture or any related topic with art-ideas, but today..maybe i can called such a refreshing entry, just says hi to silence follower, hey dude how's your life??..

Digging a story for a past 2 years, i quite active with posting an ideas..after that i start slowing my motion, delaying sharing a photos..estimated 1 photo per years, WOAHH it a bad reputation for my page, some people thinks..maybe i stuck from creating a new ideas, not creative at all...maybe, just abandon pages.

Hey, admin where's you go?? to be honest, i still care about my blogs..after lifting my previous job, i working with strict shift schedule from 7 to 7, day to night, night to day shift.. i admit my creativity also vibe decrease slowly, my painting still not finish even 1 year already past, well it will be a longest period for finishing my latest artwork.

So, keep calm..a lot of things happen lately, i pretty sure this is not one year entry..but it just a beginning for a new things.