Sunday, July 29, 2012


Hi, today i'm not going to shared about software editing or tutorial PSD
but... likely more to painting
title: kontang
colour: watercolour
size: regular size for primary or secondary school drawing block (hihhi)
techniques: dry to wet
p/s: preview is just maybe half or quarter picture from original artwork 

Why i call is as kontang:
no idea what i going to do, just drawing without ideas..
otak tengah berserabut, bercelaru...ambil berus and watercolour terus paint tanpa plan nak buat ape :(

so as result...painting ni akan kelihatan agak bercelaru and serabut

Monday, July 23, 2012

Simple photo editing

Hi everyone. just like to share simple photo editing with adobe PSD

1st picture : original picture

2nd picture: after editing picture quality
- adjust:
the basic adjustment tools with adobe PSD:
a) curve
b) light and shadow
c) hue and saturation (tint)

then playing with layer function: for example.. i put black colour for extra shadow, after that changed layer properties to overlay and white colour for soft light. Don't forget to adjust opacity ok.
(Maybe...additional filter effect will make your picture more wonderful)

Then i try with black and white filter with 3rd picture.. but lowering black and white opacity layer

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

short lesson with adobe PSD

hi..good days i think, i would to shared about my short lesson about my fav. software, i think it more suitable for beginner applicator. but still the preview picture with the simple tools application in adobe PSD, hope u like it :) it this, for expert or person familiar with this effect will say.."it just lame, or ordinary"

just ignoring ok, now just explaining little bit about the tools i'm used for this artwork

first effect, from what u observed of course it must included faded and blur effect right.
then for blur and face effect : maybe we can get three or more tools,that can give blur to your picture..
1) blur tools
2) blur from filter
3) eraser tool
4) opacity adjustment
5) layer mask 
6) gradient tool

then proceed with 2nd artwork, still used the same picture..but additional in tools

after explained details as i can about function and effect for each tools in adobe PSD..insyaAllah, this what friend's good progress right.

we can see an additional effect on this picture, for example:
1) clone effect, came from clone tools
2) lighting effect from jitter
3) blaster effect
4) liquidfy

 as always spec for this artwork:
Dimension: 800x600 pixels
Software: adobe PSD CS3
Resolution: 72 dpi
Time duration: 10 minutes