Monday, April 4, 2011

i love green light

Title: i love green light
dimension: 576x360
software: adobe photoshop cs3
technique: bubbles
level: easy

type of car:
dun know
just download from En.Google

reason for creating:
killing time
(no specific reason)

when traffic light turn to green

do you love this idea:

what do you think about this artwork:
i don't know la

comment from others:
ask them..
i don;t know

just for preview, jangan plak download untuk publish or iklan tanpa minta permission
(poyo je!)

1 comment:

  1. wow~
    GREAT idea on the wallpaper, keep it up!

    if i were you, i would edit on;

    1. more opacity at the word "GREEN"

    2. adjust color and edit the brightness/contrast on the traffic light picture.

    3. edit the word "I", the word kind of lost its shape due to the light@brightness.

    4. reduce the noise of the shine at the top of the traffic light picture and at top of the word "I" *the shine looks like broken in pieces*

    5. if your point of putting the green circle at the top of the letter "i" on the word "light" is as a part of the letter "i". i think its quite unbalanced for the green circle to be on top of the "i". if i were you i would move the circle a bit to the right or rotate the letter "i" a bit to the left.

    6. edit the love, i would reduce the outer glow's spread

    7. adjust color and edit the brightness/contrast on the car picture. and also smoothly erase the background of the car especially at the car's bonnet.

    hehe.. that's the way that i see la...being honest.

    I'm sorry if i said something wrong..
    Truely weh.. a very good vision on the wallpaper.. keep it up~

    end comment. =P