Thursday, February 5, 2015

Crucial financial~ sambung study 🙍

Salam to all reader, hows ur day..

>similar like yesterday
> hey dude that BORING!!
>huhh!! the bad day- daniel powter swing mood

dah2 malas nak berbunga2 nak buka entry ni, so what kind of topic i want to mumbling here's?

opinion vs decision
argumentation vs guwa back up sama lu lor
offensive words 🙀

since dah 2 bulan aku berkira2 nak sambung belajar or tak, then if yess.. so what kind of field i want to chose. so memang aku double triple blur.. so, finally dah dapat pun offer utk sambung..hasil doa, istikarah dan tawakal huhu..

kira kepeningan lalat untuk pilih course dah settle, now typical obstacles untuk para pekerja yg dah lama grade tapi berhasrat untuk menyambung pengajian or upgrade ilmu.. 1st and most popular issue- financial. You are so... LUCKY! if korang memang takde commitment for every month. tapi kalau korang dalam type kena bayar tu kena bayar ni, spend for something- really sure korang same
species macam aku. to-be-honest aku memang dah fed up sgt kerja, tapi takde la sampai 'mengulor' takut gaji tak halal.. just takde hati.

aku assuming by change course of study aku boleh tinggalkn dunia makmal forever, dah takde rountine job buat analysis. tapi bila fikir balik umur dah banyak why not aku stay. ish3

but a few opinion from my fellow friend
ad yg suggest better grab opportunity and also a few oppositely agree. sighh~

opposite said
> banyak commitment, it better consider ur decision first before proceed
>after u finish ur master, quite old to proceed with industry
>quite difficult to find life partner.. jangan gunakan alasan ini untuk mlemahkan semangat orang yg nak buat phD or master..ia adalah sangat tidak berasas.

so to-be-honest semangat aku untuk sambung belajar macam dah goyang..sebab financial yang agak tak stabil dan wehhhh..dah lama weh aku tinggalkan semua everything yg related with campus life, memang its really takes time to restart dengan reason yang agak annoying -dah malas la heee.. 😌

bila aku tanya pendapat mereka yang kental meneruskan perjuangan sehingga ke peringkat PhD, after hold and work with industry for 4 years..everything is sound good. tapi permulaan master yang agak nightmare sebab financial issues. suggestion dia..

1) pendapat 1: guna duit kwsp untuk bayar 1st sem fees, bayar seminimum yang boleh dulu, sebab time registration tu still kena bayar. maybe aku kena stand by 1-1.5k, the rest back up dengan duit kwsp. Untuk next sem sila cari scholars ea..

2) pendapat 2: menyarankan aku supaya jangan guna duit kwsp tu.. saving for future, mana tahu suddenly nak guna duit ke. time register tu bayar je sikit, and yg ni aku rasa kena stand by sama macam amound kt atas tu. around 1.5k, but the rest bayar sikit2 time study. in other word aku memang kena ada financial aid either part time job or scholar.

3) pendapat aku: aku nak guna pendapat pertama, but yang ke 2 not bad gak..tapi yang ke 2 macam bermasalah untuk aku survive time study sebab new course..lagi aku tengok credit subject memang kaw2. semua 3 credit rasa macam tak mampu nak score huhu.

after all it still planning. tengok la camana nanti. hopefully Allah mudahkan~ ameen

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Long period of time

Hi everyone, i think it's too long without news, entry, posting art, criticism, comment, digital art, painting..colour and all those thing. It seem to weird for me posting a text message without picture or any related topic with art-ideas, but today..maybe i can called such a refreshing entry, just says hi to silence follower, hey dude how's your life??..

Digging a story for a past 2 years, i quite active with posting an ideas..after that i start slowing my motion, delaying sharing a photos..estimated 1 photo per years, WOAHH it a bad reputation for my page, some people thinks..maybe i stuck from creating a new ideas, not creative at all...maybe, just abandon pages.

Hey, admin where's you go?? to be honest, i still care about my blogs..after lifting my previous job, i working with strict shift schedule from 7 to 7, day to night, night to day shift.. i admit my creativity also vibe decrease slowly, my painting still not finish even 1 year already past, well it will be a longest period for finishing my latest artwork.

So, keep calm..a lot of things happen lately, i pretty sure this is not one year entry..but it just a beginning for a new things.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Salam and hi everyone, seem like no new entry since last year right?? or should i call it "death blog".. ohh i think it too much. okay just assuming it freeze for temporary due to i'm freezing to thinks about it. Let's proceed to new artwork. This idea just appears because i'm too fascinating about the boat, it expressing our life to live on.. and additional my late father also fisherman for one upon the time, so it no wonder la kan.. if i love boat or sea  VERY MUCH!
the boat

As always, bit information about it
tools: pencil
artwork size: A4 size

(sorry for bad quality picture, i just taking from my hand phone instead of scan with Mr. Printer)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Eid Mubarak card

Hi everyone and salam hari raya aidilfitri for all Muslim around the world. Today just like previous entry and issues, just want to shared to all reader about quite simple design for card, here final design:

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS3
Dimension: 800 x 600 pixels
Ideas: Exercise book during primary school
Technique: Blur & overlapping